Burt's Bees

Product Name:Burt's Bees Beauty Cosmetic Compacts

Our brand has recently launched into the beauty industry with a line of natural cosmetics. We ensured brand elements and sustainability were included in the design process. The unique shape of the packaging was important in standing out in a crowded category. The hexagon shape of the compact makes it easy to distinguish from other products in her makeup bag. By using non-traditional materials for the compact, there were benefits such as, a lighter weight compact and increased durability. This means less weight in her bag, as well a better experience because the compact is less likely to break.

Developing a sustainable compact brings new news into a space where sustainability is not generally considered. The compacts are molded using 100% polypropylene; they contain no metal pins, and incorporate 75% post-consumer recycled content. By using recycled content in the compact our brand is staying true to our values and diverting 650,000 single use cups from landfills in the first year of launch.

The compacts are made up of many different parts and were designed to be modular to decrease cost for future tooling. After evaluating the supply chain, we were able to combine molding and assembly into one location, which reduced overall transportation cost and complexity.

A package like this is categorically unusual in the cosmetics industry. Our brand has kept the bar high for sustainable beauty packaging, proving yet again, sustainable does not have to be ugly.

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