Product Name:Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

The Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon package supplied by Lumson has the profile of a jar and the ease of use of a standard pump. This product is the first to utilize this unique package form, allowing for a night gel-cream to be in the shorter profile of a jar and dispense directly into the hand of a consumer; simple and easy to use. This package also features a twist-to-lock mechanism, which is ideal for travel. The flexibility of Lumson allowed us to customize the appearance of the package to reflect Dermalogica’s brand cues. This is also an airless system with complete protection from light, air, and other atmospheric agents, allowing us to include sensitive ingredients, like motion-activated essential oils. And, finally, the high product evacuation rate gave us confidence in product delivery, knowing our customers would be able to enjoy every drop of this revitalizing treatment gel-cream.

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