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Product Name:GlamGlow The Big Wheel of Sexy

Before and during the converting process technical improvements were done to packaging. Some of the improvements were: Carts (baskets) grommets were added to avoid wear and tear of the chipboard, as well giving the ability to swing during motion. Stand - (holds the Ferris wheel) final assembly included 7 sided stabilizers in center. Plain SBS was sandwiched (mount to mount) with 80pt B1S chipboard. Tray – The 9 well foam was raised up. When the 9 item vac tray was put in place the vac tray was even to the tray and this avoided the Ferris wheel to wobble inside.

A collectible and luxurious gift, this beauty Ferris wheel is loaded with eight GLAMGLOW favorites for all skin types. The mask treatments help moisturize, hydrate, and leave a radiant glow. The packaging is an actual working Ferris wheel that spins all your favorite GlamGlow products around, making this beauty set a must-have for all skin care devotees

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