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Beauty experimenters, boosted by blogs, Instagram posts, and social media chatter, are searching for natural, inventive makeup products that compliment their yoga sessions and green smoothies. Wellness, a state that is felt from within, and beauty, defined by an external radiance, have combined to create a new standard for what consumers want and expect from the products they choose. In the midst of this convergence, and the $10 billion projected growth of natural beauty in the next six years (source), KISS YOUR CRAVINGS GOODBYE® has introduced the NO-SIN Cinnamon Clear Lip Moisturizer, the first all-natural crave-reducing lip moisturizer on the market.

KISS YOUR CRAVINGS GOODBYE® understands the astute and savvy internet customer and offers a true category disruptor that makes their makeup work for them. Their formula harnesses a proprietary blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and hydra-infused lip conditioning agents to simultaneously curb the urge for snacking and leave lips feeling smooth and hydrated. The physical action of using the Behave-Aid® wand to apply the moisturizer sneakily diverts attention away from that donut or salty bag of chips. This product is not an appetite suppressant, but a behavior modification tool coupling the application process with the unique formula to fight cravings with a one-two punch.

White tea, which fills the mugs of many Instagram health enthusiasts, also makes its way into the KISS YOUR CRAVINGS GOODBYE® formula to pack in more antioxidants while cinnamon freshens your breath. Jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond oils, and lemon balm, soothes dry lips and maintain moisture throughout the night and into the morning. When applied, this blend makes the mouth slightly dry and helps users better recognize their body’s signal for thirst, which is often confused with hunger or cravings, especially in the evening. KISS YOUR CRAVINGS GOODBYE® is an all-natural product free of sugar, sugar substitutes, gluten, parabens, and animal cruelty

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